Consumer behaviors and preferences in US hotels

Our comprehensive hotel report provides brands with unprecedented data on the hotel channel, diving deep into the behaviors and preferences of hotel guests and visitors. Offering a new level of insight into the hotel on-premise, this powerful report empowers brands looking to tap into the lucrative hotel industry. With it, you can:

  • Access unique, monetizable insights into on-premise hotel drink sales
  • Understand your target consumer - where, why, when and what they're drinking
  • Craft strategic sales stories, marketing plans and pitches specifically for hotels / chains
  • See where your brand best fits withing the hotel sector


Our comprehensive Hotel Report is now available to purchase. If you're ready to dive into the extremely lucrative hotel channel, simply click the button below to contact one of our experts.


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Why hotels?

The Hotel channel is made up of almost 21k outlets and is growing faster than the traditional On Premise. Bursting with innovation and opportunity, now is the time for drink brands to capitalize. Here's a small snippet of some key findings that can help you empower your business:


people who are more likely to order different drinks compared to a usual bar visit


of people are more likely to visit a hotel that is a chain - unlike some sectors, being a chain is not a deterrent


of people say that Happy Hour is more significant when offered by a hotel

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Our unparalleled data is presented in an organised, highly visual and easy-to-read format. Crafted by our data experts, these reports highlight the best and most informative insights relevant to businesses like yours, making it easy for you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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For drink brands looking to land more business and secure their position within the extremely lucrative hotel industry, our Hotel Report is the place to start. The hotel channel is growing faster than the traditional on-premise, offering a wealth of new opportunities to businesses like yours. Are you ready to build your brand, land more business and increase your revenue? For more information, simply submit your interest below:


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