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for foodservice industry

Bringing more accurate insights to the foodservice sector

CGA is the data and research consultancy of choice for the out-of-home food market.

Traditional routes to
market are changing

Consumers are fickle, experience is king, and disruptors like UberEats and Amazon Foods are changing the way we're consuming food.

It's survival of the fittest.

So what can you do to ensure your product does well in the out-of-home market?

Intelligent insight
that innovates

The world's most successful food suppliers and pub and restaurant operators routinely use our market insights to enhance, inform and direct their most critical business decisions.

CGA Foodservice Model

CGA's Foodservice Model is the most detailed market read of its kind, giving suppliers, wholesalers and operators the deepest possible understanding of the market they operate in, from a total market category level down to product level performance.

Strategise how to win in the
UK out-of-home

Measure performance,
target areas for growth
and understand

Optimise your
business strategy

Market performance

With an approach based on high-quality, in-depth data, CGA brings a fresh perspective to the foodservice sector. With our accurate insights, you can discover which sectors are driving growth, which brands are in growth, and which are in decline. You can see how your products are performing in incredible detail, and as a result, shape your business strategy for greater success.

If I could change one thing about my food supplier, it would be their ability to innovate. Understand our business, engage with our business and then help us to overcome these challenges.

CEO of London-based, all-day dining operator

Accurate measure of food and drink inflation

In partnership with leading wholesalers and supply-chain consultancy Prestige Purchasing, CGA has developed the market's first comprehensive wholesale price barometer, our ground-breaking Foodservice Price Index.

The CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index uses the largest set of transactional food market data in the sector, to not only provide the most accurate measure of wholesale supplier pricing in the out-of-home market but give the best indicators for future trends.

It gives you the power to react quickly to pricing fluctuations and shape your pricing strategy to take advantage of market conditions for the benefit of your brands.

£13.36 billion

annual value of wholesale food and drink market


Wholesale foodservice price inflation


of business leaders see “free from” options as key 2017 trend

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