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Identify, engage and locate your most valuable consumers

MATCH is the only segmentation service that reveals the specific eating and drinking out behaviour of consumers.

Individual consumers engage with different categories in very different ways.

Being the same age, gender or even as affluent as someone else doesn’t mean we like to eat, drink or play the same way.

This presents a challenge when trying to appeal to your target consumer.

Grow your business by identifying and engaging the most valuable consumers

MATCH segmentation enables you to understand the profitability and importance of different consumers by revealing:

How consumers keep up with latest trends

What going out to eat and drink means to them

How consumers prioritise going out

Their propensity to trade up or stay mainstream

Understand how consumers interact with you… and your competition.

MATCH tracks behaviour, usage and spend patterns so you can craft the right offer and secure a vital competitive advantage.

Maximise sales in key drinks categories

Using MATCH segmentation, we know that craft beer drinkers are made up of Confident Conformists, Sparkling Socialisers and Trending Tastemakers. Areas with the highest proportions of these consumers have the highest volume share of craft beer.

Locate and reach your target consumers

MATCH segmentation drills down to postcode level, enabling you to pinpoint exactly where your target consumers live and the venues they are likely to visit.

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Drive greater return on investment and cash in the till
through a local market strategy

From tweaking your prices to optimising your sales team visits, MATCH segmentation enables you to align your business strategy with local consumer dynamics to achieve greater returns.

Optimise your pricing strategy

Affluent consumer groups include Trending Tastemakers, Sparkling Socialisers, Business Class-Seekers and Confident Conformists. MATCH reveals just how many of these consumers are in your area and how much they spend, helping you to craft effective pricing strategies that optimise your rate of sale.


Take a deeper dive into the consumer groups

Business Class-Seekers

Big spenders on food and drink whether on business or with the family. They think nothing of dining out, and trips always include a meal somewhere.

Trending Tastemakers

Busy, but always make time for eating and drinking out. They're first to visit the latest trendy place and tell you about it on social media.

Mainstream Minded

Social media users to whom going out means drinking in the most popular places. However they tend to save it for the weekend with a more health-focused mindset during the week.

Sparkling Socialisers

Like to wine and dine out with friends in upmarket casual dining restaurants when the opportunity arises. Great service and good quality food and drink are incredibly important, which is why they generally opt to eat out in places that are tried and trusted or places that come highly recommended.

Family Pit Stoppers

They've normally got the kids with them, so look out for a quality, quick bite while they're out and about.

Confident Conformists

Fairly comfortably off, they follow trends and regularly eat and drink out, often in pub restaurants with a glass of wine.

Comfortable Sceptics

Likely retired with time on their hands, they regularly seek out coffee shops during shopping or other trips, choosing familiar places as they can be wary of trying something new.

Carefree Dolce Vitas

Empty-nesters, discerning and health-conscious, they frequently enjoy meals out with family and friends, invariably with a glass of wine.

Steadfast Sippers

They've got their favourite places, rarely push the boat out, and prefer to stay close to home.

Cost Conscious Champions

Unfussy, but wary of trying somewhere new, they always look carefully at the price. However they will be strong advocates for places they do enjoy.

Want to stand out from the crowd?

Our customer segmentation solution can give you the most intelligent insights in the market today!​

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