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Our BrandTrack tool provides the ultimate understanding of how consumers interact with UK brands. Not just single brands, but in terms of the groups that make up a consumer’s repertoire of brands.

Consumer-brand relationship

BrandTrack gives you the power to understand the ever-changing relationship between consumers and brands. It tells you not just what people think about your and your competitors’ products, but reveals how they interact with them; what they buy, the places they visit, when they buy or visit them, and, most important, why. And it lets you watch as these behaviours and motivations evolve, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Consumer surveys

Six times a year, our market-defining BrandTrack survey researches the attitudes and habits of 5,000 nationally representative Great Britain consumers towards over 80 of the most influential eating out brands and 270 drinks brands. A total of 30,000 are surveyed each year, with no one consumer answering the survey more than once.

Benchmark reports 

The findings, which can be accessed online through our BrandTrack portal, or via our quarterly BrandTrack report, provide incredibly detailed insights into consumer interaction towards your own brand and the rest. They give you the opportunity to benchmark your business against competitors, find out the most effective levers for consumer engagement and discover what today and tomorrow’s consumers want and why.

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