Consumer Research

Success comes from knowing your audience

When you understand your audience, you remove the guesswork.

CGA has all the tools you need to uncover the latest consumer tastes, attitudes and behaviours and, just as important, the reasons behind them.

Research data

Our superior research data provides the fullest available picture of how consumers interact with brands, helping you benchmark your own products and better understand and capitalise on today's and tomorrow's out-of-home market.


Our BrandTrack tool provides the ultimate understanding of how consumers interact with UK brands. Not just single brands, but in terms of the groups that make up a consumer's repertoire of brands.

Powered by a survey of 5,000 different consumers each quarter, it allows you to track changing attitudes and find out what's motivating behaviour so you know the latest consumer trends and can act to make the most of them.

Consumer Segmentation

Our ground-breaking Consumer Segmentation throws out old-fashioned notions of dividing consumers by age brackets, and instead defines consumers by their eating and drinking out habits and preferences. So you can best target the right audience for you.

CGA conducts a range of bespoke research in areas including:

  • Brand/category awareness and usage
  • Mystery shopping/point of sale compliance
  • Brand equity/return on equity
  • Market and opportunity sizing
  • Concept testing
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Pricing analysis
  • Activation return on investment
  • Product trial
  • Eye tracking
  • Path to purchase

consumer surveys completed in the past year


different countries where CGA conducted consumer research


hours of consumer interviews in past 6 months

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