CGA Mixed Drinks Report 2019

Cocktail drinkers visit the on trade 25% more than non-cocktail drinkers. The cocktail market continues to grow in terms of value £587m (+9.5% vs YA) and the number of outlets stocking 41,938.

Influential cocktail drinkers clearly impact the market and understanding their consumer behaviour along with the latest trends will empower suppliers to better analyse the market and opportunity.

Why purchase CGA's Mixed Drinks Report 2019?

Nine million consumers are enjoying cocktails when they go out, making this one of Britain’s fastest-growing drinks categories within spirits. Our new Mixed Drinks Report illustrates how important it is for drinks suppliers and operators to understand the developments and trends taking place within the growing cocktails category. This will help them provide what the customer wants, when they want it in order to maximise the cocktail opportunity and keep up with tastes that are becoming ever-more sophisticated. In such a competitive drinking market, intelligence like this is absolutely crucial to success.

The Mixed Drinks Report 2019 includes:

  • Trends, performance and popularity of mainstream cocktails
  • Detailed segmentation and profiling of cocktail drinkers
  • Volume and values of cocktail category performance
  • Robust market research based on sales data, consumer research and outlet research

Our report answers questions such as:

  • What is the market size of Mixed Drinks in Great Britain?
  • What are the most popular cocktails? And which are in decline?
  • What have been the key trends seen in new product developments?
  • Who is the modern cocktail drinker and how are they best influenced?
  • During what occasions do consumers prefer cocktails?
  • How does a brand influence purchasing decision?

Why buy this report?

  • Gain competitive intelligence about the latest consumer-led trends fuelling growth within cocktails and mixed drinks
  • Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats
  • Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions

Our Mixed Drinks Report 2019 report is now available to purchase. Simply click the button below to contact one of our experts.


Cocktail drinkers are more likely to be satisfied with experience


percentage cocktails have boosted sales in Britain’s pubs, bars and restaurants


The number of licensed premises selling cocktails

“There are two clear trends coming through in the mainstream consumer’s preference for cocktails – that of shorter, more complex drinks with a higher ABV like the Martini cocktails, but also a growing preference for longer, more refreshing drinks such as the Collins which has a more sophisticated, less sweet flavour profile.”

~ Charlie Mitchell, Senior Consumer Researcher, CGA

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For operators and suppliers looking to prime their cocktail and mixed drinks strategy for success, our reports are the perfect place to start; detailing the ins and outs of cocktails and spirits and the consumer nuances behind the category. Are you ready to build your cocktail strategy to increase profitability? For more information, simply submit your interest below:

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