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How we derive our expert insights from our phenomenal data 


In simple terms, ‘harmonisation’ means adjusting how all the different types of data is categorised so it can be read as part of a single definitive database. Basically, this means making sure all the codes match, because all the different retailers and suppliers use their own unique hierarchies for the same products. In practice, this is a complex process, but it’s something that’s become our speciality here at CGA.

There’s two steps to it:

Step 1

We upload data from thousands upon thousands of different sources onto our world-class system. At this stage, all the products and codes are linked to each specific supplier or retailer and it's a very confusing picture!

Step 2

We match all the different product and outlet codes to the ones in our own unique classification dictionaries. These dictionaries are particularly rich and detailed, with hundreds of different classifications, which is how we're able to break down and analyse the market in so many different ways, according to our client's needs.

We’re proud to say that our outlet dictionary, Outlet Index, is the best in class in the Great British on-trade market and is a key service in the CGA portfolio.

Once we’ve captured a product in our classification dictionary, we know pretty much all there is to know about it. We can also ‘flavour’ our dictionaries to suit an individual client’s requirements – giving them a picture of the market according to their own classification terms.

Market projection

Once we have a complete and harmonised set of data, the next step is to find out exactly what's going on in the market in terms of sales. Our team of experienced researchers visit a carefully selected sample of restaurants, pubs and bars, that represent the total on-trade market in order to record what products they stock.

By weighting this sample up to the total market size and applying a rate of sale on each product stocked, we can provide a definitive view of the total drinks market.




The final step is to make sure that the picture that emerges after processing this data is as true and accurate as it can be.
To do this, we run over 2,000 automated quality control checks every day, to ensure our harmonisation and projection processes are carried out according the highest possible quality standards.

In our data factory, we have a team of over 40 highly skilled and diligent people who follow strict protocols and procedures to verify our data. The tools they use and automated processes they run are all developed in-house by our expert team of developers, including 600+ automated apps to load, handle, produce, model and output data.

This is how we know our data is of the highest possible standard, and that the insights we derive from it are as true and accurate as possible.

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