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Data laboratory

World-class technology for the out-of-home market

The difference is in our data

The power of our insights comes from our phenomenal data. Data of matchless breadth and quality.

Working closely with our partners in the industry, we take data from a huge number of sources across the UK and USA. We also use a comprehensive range of different types of data, combining sales volumes and consumer feeds with our own in-house research, to give our clients the most complete, accurate, up-to-date and integrated picture of the out-of-home food and drink market.

What sets CGA apart is our unique ability to access the three key types of data (supply, demand and consumer) and then triangulate this data to provide fullest and most complex picture of the out-of-home market. Being able to cross-reference the latest intelligence on outlet and site supply with in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour and the sales figures from, if necessary, a single pub or restaurant, allows us to know that our insights are correct. It also means we can provide unrivalled analysis of cause and effect across the sector, something nobody else can offer.

Our methodology

By working with multiple data partners, CGA can capture the most complete, accurate and holistic view of the market.
Gathering data is just the start. To make the data meaningful, and to extract from it accurate and telling insights about the market,
we carry out three distinct processes: harmonisation, projection and verification. Find out more about each process below.


How we make sense
of the market

Market Projection

How we provide the definitive view
of the out-of-home drinks sector 


 How we ensure the quality
of our data and insights


The security and confidentiality of data is rightly of the highest importance to our clients, and something we take with the utmost seriousness.

CGA has securely held listed company data for the last twenty years, and currently holds confidential sales data from over 50 separate businesses. Our confidence in our security stems from having put in place every protocol and procedure necessary to keep our clients’ information safe and confidential.

All of our data partners are required to sign a two-way non-disclosure agreement, and our data is anonymous and cannot be reverse engineered. In addition, security rules are hard coded into all queries and the data held on our servers is at the same levels of security as those used by the FBI and CIA.

A recent independent audit by Nielsen rated our security processes as ‘world class’.

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In an industry we're passionate about, we use our phenomenal data, unrivalled
market measurement capabilities and expert insights to give you the
competitive edge, and get where you want to be, faster.

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