Hard seltzers: next stop, UK bars

The rise of hard seltzers is one of the big trends in the US on-trade market – and suppliers now have the UK pub, bar and restaurant market in their sights. Hard seltzers, a light refreshing mix of fizzy water, alcohol and flavouring, generated $1.2bn in sales in the US on-premise market during 2019—with 462% dollar sales growth, while volume sales increased by the equivalent of 182 million 12oz cans.

Hard seltzer: the next big thing from the USA?

Hard seltzers are the new drink category starting to dominate supermarket and liquor store shelves in the US. High-profile Super Bowl advertising and social media moments have pictured them as the beverage of choice at home, by the pool or at the beach. With US off-premise sales having hit $1.55bn, on the back of a 213% annual growth rate, hard seltzers are now successfully hitting the American bar and restaurant market too – and if that continues can a mass move across the Atlantic to these shores be far behind?

Lockdown Britain reaching for the wine bottle

Wine drinking is getting a boost from the COVID-19 crisis, with new research showing that well over half of wine drinkers are either maintaining or increasing the number of times they drink wine.The latest CGA-Buyer Wine Insights Bulletin also finds that of those drinking wine more often, the key drinkers are younger and male, which is a significantly different profile to the typical on-trade wine customer.

Rum sales jump 7% to spice up spirits and cocktails market

CGA research shows more than five million people now drink rum out-of-home, with spiced and flavoured varieties powering interest. Data from CGA’s exclusive On-Premise Measurement tool shows that rum sales rose 7.0% year-on-year in 2019, putting it well ahead of other mainstream spirits including brandy (up 3.1%), whiskey (up 0.9%) and vodka (down 0.4%).

Hard Seltzers are shaking up the U.S. bar and restaurant competition

Hard seltzers generated $1.2 billion in sales in U.S. on-premise venues during 2019, with 462% dollar sales growth. According to findings from US-based Nielsen CGA, the number of consumers drinking hard seltzers at bars and restaurants increased by 73% between the spring and fall of 2019: That’s equivalent to around 7.5 million new drinkers.