What global markets have in common – 10 webinar takeaways from CGA and the Atlantic Club

The worldwide nature of the COVID crisis and its impact on the on-premise market was laid out at the latest CGA and Atlantic Club webinar. But despite differing local trading restrictions, there is a core of consumers that still want to go out, are happy with what they find and are willing to spend more.

Join Atlantic Club and CGA on October 21: The future for global brands in a local market

Brands and businesses are being forced to adapt culturally and operationally to the new out-of-home market reality. So how can big global names maintain their presence in increasingly locally-focused markets – and ‘local’ concepts grow outside their home patch? Those will be the main themes for Atlantic Club and CGA’s upcoming webinar at 4:30pmpm on October 21.

US consumers going out – but still cautious

Not feeling safe is the main reason why consumers in the US say they are not yet ready to return to restaurants and bars, new research from Nielsen CGA reveals. Overall 30% of people questioned had been out to eat in the last two weeks with 12% going out just for a drink. Pre-COVID-19 just over 80% of US consumers would normally visit a restaurant or bar for a meal at least once every two weeks, revealing the challenge the market still has to reassure people to come back.