Online media pioneer Jamie Bolding joins CGA’s Insight 2018 speaker roster

Innovator and media pioneer Jamie Bolding, whose Jungle Creations social media house delivers quality content, much around food and drink, to an audience of almost 59 million Facebook followers worldwide generating over five billion video views from its sites each month, is the latest big name to join the speakers’ panel for CGA’s new Insight 2018 conference in April 19.

New brand positioning strengthens CGA’s growth strategy

CGA, the leading data and research consultancy for the out-of-home food and drink market, is bringing together its drinks, food, retail and international operations under a single, focussed brand identity.Old names of CGA Strategy and CGA Peach, which reflect the company’s roots in the drinks and retail markets, will be retired as the business focuses […]

Extending brands, creating loyalty – it’s all down to digital

London Union founder Henry Dimbleby, head of marketing at the Vietnamese restaurant group Pho Libby Andrews and head of digital and loyalty at Wagamama Andre Johnstone will be joining the speakers’ roster at this year’s CGA Peach Consumer Insight & Marketing Conference in London on 6 April to discuss their approaches to an evolving discipline. How much is art, how much is science and what’s hitting the spot?