How to get ahead in late-night drinks

The late-night arena has seen significant closures over the past few years, and it may not seem an obvious channel for opportunities. But with outlet decline slowing and a number of exemplary operators doing great things, prospects here are brighter than some think. However, in such a nuanced and volatile market, extra sales and successful brand launches will only come with an informed channel strategy that considers the unique dynamics of a fast-changing sector. CGA’s director of client services Jonny Jones highlights the opportunities in a channel that can be lucrative but turbulent for operators and suppliers.

Is rum the next gin? Why pubs and bars are growing their rum range

CGA and DrinkUp.London’s Influencer report identified rum as one of the top opportunities for growth. Stocking eleven rum brands on average, 1 in 10 of London’s most influential bars plan to expand their rum range even further over the next year; a trend reflected across the wider market, with the average outlet stocking +5% more brands than they did last year. So, what’s driving the growth of rum on the back bar?