Market Measurement

for pubs, bars and restaurants

The UK’s leading sales tracker for pubs and restaurants

CGA’s Coffer Peach Business Tracker is the sector’s most established and respected sales barometer for managed pub, bar and restaurant groups.

Sales tracker

Drawing on data from 34 monthly and 32 weekly contributors, equating to £8 billion worth of sales each year, its reports are the most detailed and accurate insight into food and drink sales across the UK.

Coffer Peach
Business Tracker

Coffer Peach Business Tracker gives businesses and brands the ability to compare total and like-for-like sales in the same month each year. And by providing the fastest, most accurate snapshot of core market dynamics in terms of supply and demand, it allows brands to benchmark themselves against the competition.

The tool that builds brilliance

With its data and insights relied upon by the UK’s biggest retailers and food operators, and its findings widely reported in the national media, Coffer Peach has become the industry standard for instantly and reliably assessing brand performance and therefore an invaluable asset for pubs, restaurants and bars.

Marketplace understanding
in incredible detail

CGA’s Trading Index allows bars and restaurants the ability to track, analyse and understand the marketplace locally and nationwide in the finest detail.

Using up-to-the-minute EPOS-based sales data, it provides the most thorough and in-depth analysis of the market, allowing on-trade businesses to benchmark themselves against the competition, right down to regional, town and neighbourhood level.

It also lets businesses refine their benchmarking criteria to an unprecedented degree; giving them the power to compare performance by the week, quarter or year, and in a format divided by TV region, outlet type, wet or dry-led channels, drinks category and even sub-categories, such as flavoured gin.

Possessing daily sales data for the past five years; it allows for granular local analysis, unavailable anywhere else. But, with all data anonymous, it’s impossible for competitors to directly identify each other.

By using Trading Index, businesses are able to understand their performance like never before, identify the best opportunities for growth and adapt their pricing and stocking strategy to take best advantage of the market at any given time.


Like-for-likes sales up nationally against June 2016


Easter weekend like-for-like sales down on 2016


pub closures per week in Great Britain

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